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Space Fractal is the nickname I use on the net. I am a guy living in Denmark who is interesed in creating games, applications, and also music.

Im have created various iOS, Android and Steams games and appps. In the past im did focus for games for iOS and Android, but im have in 2017 stopped doing that, and moved over to Steam instead, since im got greenlight 2 games. Howover im do not have code for a while, so see what happens in the future. The games im have done is either created in BlitzMax and later in GlbBasic. Yes im is a Basic man as you see.

I have also created various music tracks, including music used in games for the Windows PC, Nintendo DS (homebrew) as well even on a retro machines like Spectrum and such. Im do have to say im is a Commodore 64 fan, and have done a lots of sid tunes in those last years in SidTracker 64. But there is few AY tunes as well.on retro machines like Spectrum.

In recent 2018 April, im also dedicated to remove all Java games. They does no longer works, so no need to show them by now. Im do a day hope will port Space Taxi to a another platform, but that will property been in a different form. Space Taxi was fun on its time. Im very much miss that game.

Alan Bostrup AKA Space Fractal

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