Various Game News

Genius Greedy Mouse v2.0 is back to Premium model for iOS, but keeps as its are on Android.

Karma Miwa and Genius Greedy Mouse is now Mojo compatible using Ouya Everywhere.

Karma Miwa is out to iOS (which its been in a while, but forget to write about it).

Claened up some posts.

Genius Greedy Mouse v1.7 released

Android, Ouya and iOS version is all updated to v1.7.

This versions changes a little bit how the inapp full game purchase works. There is no longer paywall after level 17, but you can only play in either light or normal difficulty, where Genius Mode need to been purchased (which replace “The Premium Key”).

When above is said, no impact for allready paid users.

WebOS version is coming soon, have uploaded today.

MultiFe V2.5 Beta Released…

This MultiFE bugfix release will have fixed many of the focus issues with Windows 7 and have more emulators to works again. Now Mame, Fusion and Stella works all pretty nice again (more testing needing). Also im have added a Delete feature to Mame Library as well “Show Control Type” list.

MultiFE v.2.5 Beta Released. Checkout news in the multiFE pages.

BlueStack Android emulator

Today im have discovered BlueStacks Emulator. The game ran fine with full graphics, but framerate around 15-20 fps on my machine.

Im have no plans to block using emulators for this game (but instead even add keyboard support for them). Its a good emulator to test thing on.