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Space Fractal is the nickname I use on the net. I am a guy living in Denmark who is interesed in creating games, applications, and also music.

Im have recently created 4 games for iOS and Android, who both systems currectly have my main focus yet. In the past im do have created various Java games as well Windows games in BlitzMax.

One of my most popular game is the Danish Gigant Yatzy (Giant Yatzee) game which uses 12 dices. This game was created in PHP with no database backbend used (all is flat files). Its now a quite long ago im created that game, but still works pretty nice and no plans to update it to using mysql or such.

I have also created various music tracks, including music used in games for the PC, Nintendo DS (homebrew), as well as the iOS/Android.

My first mobil game programmering project was Greedy Mouse for popular mobil phones. But im also have created 3 other games as well. Check them out.

Recently in 2016, im have added a online music player, so you easier can hear the music im have done. Mostly im have added full album from Jungool as well Manic Miner – The Lost Levels. There is also a C64 based album, which is a “live” album (where im sometimes update it with new songs).

Also, im are not doing new games (yet), but more im have a lots of fun doing Commodore 64 sid tunes here and now, and also updating my games.

Alan Bostrup AKA Space Fractal

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spacefractal .

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