Windows and Web Browser games im have created into the past. Im did eailer also done iOS and Android, but that is dropped for mobile platforms and only focus on Windows now.

So the main focus will been Windows ONLY in the future.

The Beagle Jam:
THE BEAGLE JAM was a little around 5 days project for the LOWRESJAM, which here im did a little demake from a Commodore 64 game, Snoopy. The game is for Windows only and was only done for fun.

Catch Out:
CatchOut Icon
CATCHOUT is a Fairchild F inspirated “Ball & Paddle” game, but without the paddle….
Out to iOS and Android.

Spot Race:

SPOT RACE is a fun little puzzle game, where you math two different images to create a circle.
Out to iPhone, iPad and Android.

Karma Miwa:
Karma Miwa Ouya Logo
KARMA MIWA is a platform game based on the old Commodore 64/Atari 800 classic Snookie.
Out to iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android (include Android TV), Ouya and Mojo.

Genius Greedy Mouse:
GENIUS GREEDY MOUSE is a clay based puzzle game featuring a host of fun and challenging levels.
Out to iOS: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android TV (include Fire TV), Ouya, Mojo and GameStick.
Soon: Windows and Mac on Steam (its GreenLighted, but waiting for the papir work is done).

Cave Heroes:
Cave Heros is a H.E.R.O remake using 256 colors as well using the old Atari 2600 graphics. Its a quite old  BlitzMax game, but still fun. Its include the original 20 levels as well 15 own levels.
Out to Windows, Mac and Linux.

Seesaw Circus:
Seesaw Circus
is a little Circus Clone to Windows. The game was designed to been MAME Cabinet friendly when im designed that little game (even with including credits).

Gigant Yatzy:

A very old Danish only 12 Dice Yatzee game. Gigant Yatzy was wrote in around year 2000, but is still works nice in today browser with added https support. No plans to redesign it.

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