Various Sids

Various 64  Sid Songs (SidTracker 64):

Original songs with very little inspirated from other songs (which can happens):


Remakes from other songs, sometimes with own bits in the middle:

Song Descriptions:

  • Mr Jovial: A original, but also used some bits from Pata Pata (in Denmark, “Sexchikane”) in the middle of the song.
  • Miwa: A Commodore 64 version theme of the original Karma Miwa game (a mobile game im also create in the past).
  • Ladybird: Cover from a Danish kidsong with a extra verse included (originally named “Mariehønen Evigglad”).
  • Greedy Mouse: Theme from Genius Greedy Mouse (a iOS/Android clay based game).
  • A Costumer: Theme from Space Taxi theme, which was a a early Java game im created over 10 years ago.
  • Silent Hotel: Inspirated from a danish song named “Byens Hotel” by Kim Larsen, but its is not a direct cover.
  • The Starshot Scrool: Inspirated from a Danish TV2 song named “Lanterne”, but its is not a direct cover.
  • Kære Lone is a cover from a shubidua song, named “Kære Lone ” (Dear Lone).
  • Hallo Out There is a little remix of a nice country song from a Danish band, Mr Wilms.
    La Strade Gotichi was originally in Jungool, but could been used in Manic Manier (Horace was appeared in both games). This is something its could look to the top picture.
  • The Beagle Jam and both follow  songs (The Entertianer) is from The Beagle Jam.
  • Moon Patrol – The Jam was a newer released Moon Patrol game with Aliens for a 64×64 px Jam. So im dedicate to release it here.
  • Cauldon – The Mega Witch is a long remake of the C64 original, starting with sound of the original.All songs was created in SidTracker 64 for iPad.
  • The Puzzle Boxer – This song is a inspiration from the game – Puzzle Box, but is not not a 100% “demake”.
  • Flyvere i natten – Planes in night is a cover of a Kim Larsen song in C64 style.
  • Some Secrets is a remake/inspiration from the Amiga Public Domain game named “Top Secret“.LASTEST SONG UPDATE:

All Songs is done in SidTracker 64 on iPad using 50hz timing.

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