Various Sids

Various 64  Sid Songs (SidTracker 64):
Jungool and Manic Miner is moved into own sid page, because the various number of songs is now a bit large.


Song Descriptions:

  • Mr Jovial: A original, but also used some bits from Pata Pata (in Denmark, “Sexchikane”) in the middle of the song.
  • Miwa: A Commodore 64 version theme of the original Karma Miwa game (a mobile game im also create in the past).
  • Ladybird: Cover from a Danish kidsong with a extra verse included (originally named “Mariehønen Evigglad”).
  • Greedy Mouse: Theme from Genius Greedy Mouse (a iOS/Android clay based game).
  • A Costumer: Theme from Space Taxi theme, which was a a early Java game im created over 10 years ago.
  • Silent Hotel: Inspirated from a danish song named “Byens Hotel” by Kim Larsen, but its is not a direct cover.
  • The Starshot Scrool: Inspirated from a Danish TV2 song named “Lanterne”, but its is not a direct cover.
  • Kære Lone is a cover from a shubidua song, named “Kære Lone ” (Dear Lone).
  • Hallo Out There is a little remix of a nice country song from a Danish band, Mr Wilms.
  • La Strade Gotichi was originally in Jungool, but could been used in Manic Manier (Horace was appeared in both games).
  • The Beagle Jam and both follow  songs (The Entertianer) is from The Beagle Jam.
  • Moon Patrol – The Jam was a newer released Moon Patrol game with Aliens for a 64×64 px Jam. So im dedicate to release it here.
  • Cauldon – The Mega Witch is a long remake of the C64 original, starting with sound of the original.All songs was created in SidTracker 64 for iPad.
  • The Puzzle Boxer – This song is a inspiration from the game – Puzzle Box, but is not not a 100% “demake”.
  • Flyvere i natten – Planes in night is a cover of a Kim Larsen song in C64 style.
  • Some Secrets is a remake/inspiration from the Amiga Public Domain game named “Top Secret“.
  • Lastest songs was added 18-11-2017.

PS. All songs was created with SidTracker 64 on a iPad.

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