Jungool Sids

C64 Jungool

No, Jungool does not exists for Commodore 64, nor the game do not have any plans to port it to the Commodore 64 (even its would been very cool). Howover This is just a fun project to convert songs as its would heard on the C64 as its was  a game.

Last Update: 21-05-2016

All songs completed. Im might revist and reupload later.


  • Chi Woopey in the original was pretty much same as Melody Nocturnal, only changed some effects thing. Here im found the original tune extended to been do here. So im dedicated to cover that instead.
  • Im have no plans to do another version of The Entertainer. Im do all ready done this tune twice for The Beagle Jam throught.
  • Silent At Night was a tune which some times happens on Waggas home area, when its was raining. Its could also act as a replacement for The Entertainer as well. Hence its song nr 16.
  • Deep Deep Wallow is a alternative title for Wagga Under Wahwah. Im first noticed it after upload, but still liked the title.
  • All tunes have been extended and is not a 100% note for note remake, but more is a taken of the various songs from original Jungool.
  • Songs length have been extended from the original, due there was no concern over the filesize of the mp3 files.
  • Im have no plans to do tunes from the Bonus areas except a few tunes. Few of those tunes can been here in the various sid page as a original song.

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