Cheeky Mouse DX (Java)

Try to hit the mouse with a hammer when it comes out from one of many holes in the wall. The mouse is trying steal your cheese, if it can came cross to the other side. This game was never officiel converted to a another machine than it arcade original. So I made one, because it was a very fun game.

[popup url="" width="512" height="384"]Play Danish Version[/popup]
[popup url="" width="512" height="384"]Play English Version[/popup]

How to Control?

  • Left, A or S to move your man left
  • Right, D or F to move your man right
  • Spacebar or Return to hammer
  • P to Pause the game

Please Note: This game require Java & Inteernet Explorer, and I can sadly not possible to get it to work on Firebox and other browsers due a URL protection I forget to remove and I cannot recompile java source code anymore. Sorry about it.

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