Simon (Java)

This is computer version of a classic electronic game, and is one of the first applets I ever made (after Mastermind). I loved this game as I was kid, why I have made a another version.

How to Play

  • First select a level.
  • First Simon light the first color.
  • You click on that color (or using the arrow key).
  • Simon now add another color to the first one.
  • You now repeat the 2 lighted colors in the same order.
  • Simon now add a third one.
  • You should click on all 3 colors in that orders.
  • And how many colors can you remember, before you made a mistake?

[popup url="" width="512" height="384"]Play Danish Version[/popup]
[popup url="" width="512" height="384"]Play English Version[/popup]

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