Space Taxi (Java)


You are a taxipilot in this C64 “Trust” like game, combine with costumers. Transport your fun costumers from pad to pad, without flying into anything.

Here are some tips to the game:

  • “How to Control” Screen appear, when you load the first level.
  • You can pause the game with the “p” key.
  • Control your taxi carefully, it takes some time to master the control (but it is fun!).
  • You should not let the costumers wait long, they are not all too patient.
  • Whan the costumer is onboard, just take the time needed for a safe transport.
  • Hold a eye to the fueltank, the taxi dosen’t hold unlimithed fuel.

Some Facts about this version:

  • Thie game contain a 60min full soundtrack (made by me).
  • This game contains 25 levels to complete with lots of different costumers and backdrops.
  • TempleTiger has painted most of the game graphics. Thanks TempleTiger.
  • This game contain a editor (try to type _editor into the title screen)

Some general Facts about Space Taxi:

  • This game is a tribute to the Amiga version, from which you hear the soundFX (unless “fuel warning” sound) from.
  • The original Space Taxi game was written by John F. Kutcher in 1984 for the C64. John F. Kutcher liked this version.
  • The official sequel to the game, Space Taxi 2, can be found at Twilight Games

[popup url="" width="640" height="384"]Play Danish Version[/popup]
[popup url="" width="640" height="384"]Play English Version[/popup]

Please Note: This game require Flash & Java & Inteernet Explorer, and I can sadly not possible to get it to work on Firebox and other browsers due a URL protection I forget to remove and I cannot recompile java source code anymore. Sorry about it.

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