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Space Fractal is the nickname I use on the net. I am a guy living in Denmark who is interesed in creating games, applications, and also music.

Im have created various iOS, Android and Steams games and appps. In the past im did focus for games for iOS and Android, but im do stopped doing apps in 2017.

Today in 2018, im focus games on Windows only as well some times also doing music, as well testing other games. Currectly im focus doing stuff to Windows as well on Spectrum, more precision on Spectrum Next. Im have been part of the Rusty Pixels team.

The most funny part is, im have newer really liked Spectrum at all, but Spectrum Next is just very so cool, done thing right, and its fun to do stuff for it (The AY sound chip is actuelly quite fun as well, even SID is much better, its still very much fun to do)….. YOu will hear more about it, when the game is released..

Alan Bostrup AKA Space Fractal

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spacefractal .

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