Spot Race

 SPOTRACE is a simple puzzle game, which require you to find a pair of inner and outer images of a spot.

This is a little simple pair based puzzle game, which can been played when you are short in time. In this game, you do not find extracly pairs of the same image, but you need to find a inner and a outer image instead to create a circle.

This game is property been played in the public place, so we have choiced there will not been created unique music to this game. You can instead play iTunes music (or other app) in the background while playing this game.

Game Modes:

  • 3×3 grid to 100 points (Get the faste time).
  • 5×5 grid to 300 points (Get the faste time).
  • 5×7 grid to 500 points (Get the faste time).
  • 3×3 grid in 2 minuttes (get maximum score).
  • 5×5 grid in 4 minuttes (get maximum score).
  • 5×7 grid in 4 minuttes (get maximum score).

You can also play in a relaxed game mode, which do not have any time or score goal at all. Here you just create circles until you end the game by your self.



  • Space Fractal Aka Alan Bostrup.
  • Kasper Rubin which did background and the work on most of the graphics. Thanks Kasper.

Support and Bugs:

  • You can just email using the adress seen in the frontpage.

NB: This game will soon being Windows Steam Eksklusive, due lost of interests for mobile games.


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